5 Nollywood Actresses Who Are Good At Playing Wicked Step-Mother Roles

Nollywood is gifted with many raw talents who can take almost all role that is assigned to them. But there are some actors who have had some roles assigned specifically to them.

We have the likes of, Zubby Michael, Destiny Etiko, Jim Iyke, and other stars who can effortlessly interpret the bad roles in movies.

Nonetheless, here are some popular actresses who are best at playing the role of a wicked mother/ step-mother in films.

Patience Ozokwo

Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwo, 64, is unarguably the best actress who interprets the role of a wicked step-mother without stress.

Mama G, who ventured into the movie industry since 1999, has established herself as a star to reckon with who can interpret any role related to being a mother.

Often times, when she displays her talents on the screen, many are quick to conclude that she is also wicked behind the screen.

But that’s not the case. In reality, she is one of the best actresses with 3 lovely children, 5 adopted children, and many grandchildren.

Iya Rainbow

veteran actress Idowu Phillips, otherwise known as Iya Rainbow, is another talented Nigerian actress who is so good at portraying “Harsh and Wicked Step Mother” roles.

At age 80, the Ogun State actress has starred in over 50 movies. She recently played in Airtel commercials ads as a harsh mother. She is known for defending her children, even if they are wrong.

Iya Gbogan

Actress Margaret Bandele Olayinka, famously known as Iya Gbongan, is a perfect interpreter of the wicked step-mother role. Her perfection has even led many to speculate that a real demon came to initiate her. That’s false, but that’s how good she is when displaying her incredible acting skills.


Sola Sobowale

Just like other stars featured in this piece, scriptwriter Sola Sobowale, 58, never disappoints fans or directors whenever she is given the role of a wicked step-mother.

Toyin Tomato, as she is fondly called, is one of the most sought-after movie producers with a career spanning over 20 years and has also appeared in blockbuster movies.

In July 2022, she revealed in an Instagram post that she had been cast in her first Bollywood role along with Broda Shaggy and other Nigerian stars.

Ngozi Ezeonu

The 2012 AMVCA winner for best supporting actress in the movie “Adesuwa” is versatile and can take any motherly roles in movies.

The 57-year-old ace movie star is renowned for playing the roles of both good and wicked queens, as well as being a wicked step-mother.

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