African-American Celebrates Her 100th Birthday with Family, Her Daughter Speaks; “God Kept Her Here”

When Leila “Tudie” Mosley clocked 100 years old, her children and loved ones were happy and could not wait to celebrate the momentous day with her.

Leila Mosley is grateful for her long life

The centenarian was surrounded by friends and family who helped celebrate her 100th birthday in Taylors in South Carolina, United States. Tudie’s family said they are grateful to still have the opportunity to celebrate with her.

Leila Mosley’s credits God for her mother’s longevity

According to Tudie’s daughter, they have longevity in their family “but this is the longest anybody since they’ve been keeping [records] of the family,” said Marilyn Mosley Gamble.

Her daughter spoke to Fox Carolina at Tudie’s bash, where Gamble expressed immense appreciation for her mother’s life. She thanked God, saying:

“I’m so proud, and I thank God so much for having had my mom this long,” said Gamble.

“Many of us have lost a lot of people, but God has kept [Tudie] here, and I do appreciate that,” she added.

Tudie’s family organised a birthday party to show her how much she is loved. She mentioned that her biggest achievement in life is her family.

Congratulations pour as woman gives birth to triplets

Congratulatory messages poured in for a woman who just welcomed triplets.

The video of the woman and her bundles of joy was posted on TikTok by Socrates Kanutangidi. The video showed when she was still pregnant and expectant.

Her baby bump was so big, proving that her blessings are more than one.

In another scene in the video, she was shown after she had given birth, and she clutched her kids and rejoiced in uncontrollable joy.

The video has melted hearts on TikTok, with many of her followers and admirers showering her with congratulatory messages in the comment section.

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