“God Has Been Amazing”: Mother of Twins Welcomes Twins the Second Time, Video of Her Baby Bump Goes Viral

After giving birth to twins eight years ago, a woman has once again, welcomed another set of twins.

A video showing her amazing baby bump and when she walked into the hospital to give birth was posted on TikTok by Mammy Great.

Mammy explained in the 1 minute 58 seconds clip that she gave birth through cesarean session.

She said she had severe waist pains daily throughout the period of the twin pregnancy.

When she was being taken to the hospital for delivery, she started craving pineapple juice and it was given to her.

After the babies were successfully delivered, Mammy said she was very weak, but joy still filled her soul.

Her words:

“I was weak, but deep down my soul, I couldnt contain my joy. God has been Amazingly AWESOME,”

TikTok users are congratulating Mammy as the video has now gone viral.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users

@abiolaolaoo1 said:

“I want twins. I tap the blessings.”

@abygurlenning commented:

“My testimony.”

@chantybaby85 said:

“Congrat dear! Lovely kids and I tap into your blessing in Jesus name Amen.”

@ndianeforegina0 commenteed:

“Beautiful, and congratulations dear.”

@Mrs odugwu Liverpoolbtc said:

“Congratulations! May God bless me with twins.”

@ladyjack176 commented:

“Congrats my sister. May god bless me with twins too ameen.”

@chidon reacted:

“Congratulations mama ejima like me.”

@user9846725541469 said:

“Congratulations my sister. I trap from your blessings.”

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