“He Belongs to Me Alone”: Jealous Little Girl Blows Hot as Mum Calls Her Dad Baby in Viral Video

In the funny clip, the jealous child tackled her mother who referred to her daddy as ‘baby’ in her presence.

She quickly told her mother to stop the name-calling as she maintained that her daddy is her ‘baby’ alone.

The little girl went ahead to announce that her father is her best friend as she held him closely in the video.

Her doting dad got so emotional when she said that to him, and he reciprocated by calling her his best friend too.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

@i happy you reacted:

“So cute baby God bless.”

@Mrs Potter wrote:

“Adorable. She doesn’t want to share her daddy no hi baby she was serious.”

@Amiè said:

“This was me & my dad, even looks like me as a child, and him I’m 23 now & he is still my absolute best friend,”

@David added:

“And that is how dads get lost from day one.”

@Mamake Michelle replied:

“Wow no hi baby very cute babies girl looks like her father.”

@StumpTownGal commented:

“Wow, she’s a joy! Beautiful family.”

@Luna Broquel reacted:

“Omg she is sooo cute! that dad is the most lucky one!”

@Taq wrote:

“And just like that, dad was wrapped around her finger forever.”

@Ari Eva reacted:

“I miss this phase with my own baby. She’s an amazing young adult. Now 14, is give anything for those tiles again.”

@sandan commented:

“she so cute and she sound like Peppa.”

@Clyde nao said:

“She is so adorable daddy best friend so beautiful.”

Funny mum sends little daughter packing for taking her husband

Meanwhile, Naijasilver previously reported that a funny video of a Nigerian woman sending her little daughter packing for being her husband’s side chick has left netizens in stitches.

The woman said that she would not tolerate any side chick in 2023 and got to work by ‘dealing’ with her daughter. In a TikTok video, she led her kid outside their house with a big box and shouted that she should leave. She stated that she was tired of her daughter being the side chick.

Her little kid watched innocently as her mother positioned a travel bag beside her as if being real. Many people threw their weight behind her kid.

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