Meet 2 Of Uche Nancy’s Daughters, Chinenye Nnebe And Sonia Uche Who Are Making Waves In Nollywood

Chinenye Nnebe and Sonia Uche are two Nollywood sisters who are indeed making waves in the make-believe industry. These two are blood sisters and promising actresses with a lot of potential that has not gone unnoticed. Not only are they beautiful, they are also talented and making their actress mother proud.

Chinenye Nnebe

25 year old Chinenye Nnebe aka Chinny is one of the newest faces in the Nollywood industry, famous for her role in the “Dry” movie.

The brand influencer, model, and actress is also the daughter of movie producer, director, and one of Nigeria’s leading set decorators and costumier, Uche Nancy. So, it is no wonder that this apple, Chinenye Nnebe, did not fall far from the tree. She is also the most popular amongst Uche Nancy’s 4 daughters.

Uche Nancy & her 4 daughters

Chinenye Nnebe was born on April 5, 1997, in Asaba, Delta State, to her now-divorced parents, Mr. Nnebe and Uche Nancy.

The young actress attended St Augustine College before proceeding to Ghana for her University education. In June 2019, Chinenye Nnebe graduated from Zenith University, Accra, with a degree in Business Administration.

Career — Acting, Business

Chinenye Nnebe

Although Chinenye had an early start in her acting career in 2000 at age 3 – she did not become prominent until her role in the hit movie, “Dry” under the tutelage of her mother, where she played the role of young Zara.

The movie earned her mother, Uche Nancy, the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), as the Best Costume Designer in 2016. 

Chinenye has also been featured in several Nollywood productions, including World of lust, More Than Sisters, Voice of a Mother, and others.

She also entered the business world as founder of online clothing store, Shop with Chinny.

However, for a young woman with a successful streak, Chinenye Nnebe has not been immune to the usual industry rumors about her love life.

Relationship — Love Life, Single Parenting, Scandal

Chinenye Nnebe aka Chinny has successfully managed to keep her relationship off social media, but to the best of our knowledge, she is currently single and has never been married.

Despite Chinny’s effort to stay scandal free, she has not been very successful in that endeavour as there were rumors about her alleged relationship with actor Somadina Adinma, which she refuted saying that they are good friends and nothing more.

Nevertheless, rumors about her relationship with actor Jerry Williams also sprung up. This time, Jerry Williams, in an interview with MC Charlene, clarified that he and Chinenye Nnebe just had good chemistry on set, nothing more.

At age 23, on April 25, 2019 during her school days, Chinenye Nnebe allegedly birthed a son but the actress has withheld details on the paternity of her child. Chinenye’s son, popularly known as Cutemeeky, is also a child actor.


Chinny, daughter of actress, Uche Nancy is the youngest of her mother’s four daughters – Sonia, Ijeoma, and Jesinta Chinanu Nnebe.

Uche Nancy divorced their father when her daughters were still young. According to reports, Uche got married at the age of 16.

The proud mother of four girls, never drops the chance to flaunt her daughters, always describing them as her backbone and source of joy.

Due to the striking resemblance between her actress daughter, Chinenye, and Ijeoma aka Pretty Oma, the siblings have often been mistaken for twin sisters.

Sonia Ihuoma Uche

Sonia Ihuoma Uche aka Soso is Uche Nancy’s first daughter, born 25th of May. Taking a wild guess on her age, it is safe to say Sonia is in her late 20s or early 30s being the eldest of her mother’s children, and ljeoma, her immediate younger sister, being born in 1994 (28years old).  She graduated from the University of Abuja.

Career – Acting, Business

Sonia Uche

Sonia started her acting career in her 100 level at the University of Abuja. Unlike her youngest sister, Chinny, who’s way was paved by their mother, Sonia got into acting through an audition she saw on Facebook for aspiring actors. After she attended the audition, she luckily got a role to play in the movie, Complicated. However, she didn’t get her major breakthrough as an actress until she starred in the movie, Boss’s Daughter, a film where she played the lead role as a spoilt daughter of a rich man.

Another movie that established Sonia Uche as an actress is Frank’s Wife. In the film, she played the role of a naive village virgin girl who got married and was taken to the city but refused to sleep with her husband. Though still described as an up and coming actress, Sonia is undeniably climbing the ladder of success and expanding her horizon.

She has also featured in movies like The Game (2022), Vanity (2021), War Front (2021), Naked Lies (2021), Storm in Marriage (2021), Not Just a Ring (2020), Test of Love (2020), The Chosen One (2020), Betrayed (2020), Pain of Love (2020), My Pains (2019) and so on.

Like her other sisters, she has a side business as an entrepreneur. Sonia runs a hair line called Sonia Hair Extensions.

Sonia and Chinny’s other sisters, Ijeoma “Pretty Oma” Nnebe and Jesinta Chinanu Nnebe are the least known of her family members majorly because they are not into acting. However, they are entrepreneurs. Both women run fashion businesses. Ijeoma is the founder of Omah’s Label, while Chinanu runs a clothing brand called Sunshine Collections.

Nancy Uche, her biological and adopted daughters


Sonia Uche

Sonia seems to have done a better job than Chinny by keeping her relationship affairs from the prying eyes of the media. Little is known about her romantic life and she hasn’t been intimately linked with anyone in the public eye.

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