Meet Elizabeth Isiorho, Model Entrepreneur Who Is Getting More African Faces On Global Stage

Meet Elizabeth Isiorho, Model Entrepreneur Who Is Getting More African Faces On Global Stage
Meet Elizabeth Isiorho, Model Entrepreneur Who Is Getting More African Faces On Global Stage

Elizabeth Isiorho, a Nigerian entrepreneur and former beauty queen, is expanding her modeling business to provide more young people access to global possibilities and promote African beauty.

Elizabeth Isiorho, a former beauty queen from Nigeria, has taken use of this chance to advance her modeling career. She thinks that by founding “Future Face Africa,” a pan-African talent search would be conducted to find more African faces to present to the rest of the world.

Since 2004, her modeling firm, Beth Model Management Africa, has been in the forefront of the effort to provide African models a platform overseas.

In an interview with FORBES AFRICA through Zoom from London, she adds, “Models will be offered the chance to win a two-year international modeling contract with a prominent modeling agency, affording aspirants not only a launchpad but a career on the world stage.”

With the help of the worldwide modeling firm Elite Model Management, Isiorho herself achieved success in the field. Isiorho was influenced as a child by her mother, a veteran of the Nigerian entertainment scene and ardent fashion enthusiast who frequently told her daughter she reminded her of supermodel Naomi Campbell.

A few years later, Isiorho grew close to Campbell; did she emulate her role model? Despite the fact that African beauty and fashion are today praised worldwide, when Isiorho initially began, this was not the case. In Africa, modeling had a number of unfavorable stereotypes that she wanted to dispel.

Isiorho, who was born in London and now resides in the UK, attended the London Guildhall University to study business and IT. She started her career with a few shows in London since her parents had fostered a desire for the modeling business in her from a young age. However, a chance meeting with a friend set her firmly on her intended course.

“One of my friends gave me several publications that featured Miss Nigeria UK and advised me to apply. Despite my acute shyness, I signed up for the 10-day boot camp. However, after the ninth day, I told my mother that I was quitting and that I would no longer be participating.

Isiorho returned to Nigeria in 2003 to continue advancing her modeling career after winning the pageant. And it was there that she discovered a huge market gap.

Beth Model Management Africa was established when she made the decision to start her own agency. With 48 of them placed globally among multiple agencies, Isiorho has expanded the brand over the years from just 10 models to over 200, making Beth one of the biggest modeling companies in Africa.

She didn’t give up easily and utilized persistence and grit to introduce the model management concept to Africa.

Isiorho made the decision to organize a model convention because there wasn’t much of a market for African models at the time. She had clear ideas. She would send them to Africa so they could witness the untapped potential for themselves if the international fashion business refused to accept African models.
So I emailed them, and nine out of the eleven agencies responded to say they were coming, and Elite Models said, “We have a model hunt and would like you to be a part of it.”

Elite Model Look, a renowned worldwide modeling competition that was founded in 1983, is credited with finding supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Lara Stone, and Alessandra Ambrosia.

Isiorho needed a major break for her agency, and this was it. She obtained exclusive rights to host the Elite Model Look Nigeria/Africa competition in 2007. Isiorho has used native African beauty in international advertisements throughout the years, including Victoria’s Secret and New York Fashion Week, to mention a couple.

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