Picks: 6 Nollywood Actors With One Thing In Common

Picks: 6 Nollywood Actors With One Thing In Common

In movie industries all over the world, there are people known to fit well into certain roles. These set of people sometimes are either so used to those roles that they hardly play other roles while some others are so diverse they can fit perfectly into other roles. Nollywood is no exception to this.

While talking about those type of actors in Nollywood, we talk about the ones used to the gangster roles, the ritualist roles, the gateman/house help role, and many more like that.

On WN Picks, we look at these five talented actors who we have seen act in other areas but have one thing in common when it comes to acting.

In no particular order, these actors translate their roles in movies and are so invested in those roles that when it’s time to cry, they let the flood gate open so much that we pinch ourselves to not forget it is just a movie.

She is a Nollywood veteran who has been in the industry for over two decades. Her acting style is beautiful

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