“Very Brilliant”: School Kid Scores 100% in All Subjects, Proudly Presents Results to Dad in Viral Video

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A very brilliant school kid who scored 100% in all subjects is set to be taken shopping by her daddy.

The reward is coming after the kid came home and proudly presented her examination results to her dad.

In a video posted by Carlos Entertainment, the child came into the compound from the inner house and met her dad.

She was clutching her result papers in her hands. She handed them to her dad one after the other.

She scored 100% in each of the examination she sat for and this so much impressed her proud father.

Above all, the kid clinched the first position in her class, making her performance completely top notch.

When her father asked what she wants as a reward for her performance, she said she would like to be taken shopping.

Watch the video below:


Reactions from TikTok users

@ibrahimimoro177 said:

“Bro I know your children are extremely good and One should be proud of them but it shouldn’t be publicized.”

@Iam@lillydavids commented:

“That was me back in the days, but nowadays aki.”

@nanyangernestina said:

“Please do whatever she wants for her to maintain her position forever.Thank you.”

@chiemeriemichell2 commented:

“Such a brilliant child. Keep it up.”

@NANA AKUA said:

“She is very respectfull girl. May the good Lord bless this child.”

@sensitive music commented:

“Okay she’s clever but years to come guys they break hearts no matter what.”

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