Video: Deatils about Jackie Appiah’s alleged secret wedding to George Oppong Weah reveals

Online blogs have previously reported this, claiming that the actress, whose renown reached beyond the borders of Africa, has consented to become the president of Liberia’s second wife as of December 10.

Clar Marie Duncan Weah is the spouse of George Manneh Weah, the 25th President of the Republic of Liberia who was elected in 2017.

She is a businesswoman, philanthropist, and activist from Jamaica who serves as the First Lady of the Republic of Liberia at the moment.

Similar to this, blogger Aba The Great stated in one of her speculative posts she posted on Instagram in September 2022 that Jackie was expecting George Weah.

The actress’s attention was drawn to the publication, and she quickly reacted to it by saying;

She asked all to treat such gossips as unnecessary and useless. “Please ignore all rumors, it is not true, I don’t entertain unnecessary rumours, do I look like a pregnant woman here? Please ignore the rumours…I love you all…ignore all rumours.”

Jackie Appiah didn’t marry George Oppong Weah on 26th December as earlier alleged.

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